Gabe Seelmann answers questions about being a Soccer Youth player

This week’s Player Spotlight features Gabe Seelmann, a fourteen-year-old from Fernandina Beach, Florida. Gabe has been playing soccer since the age of two and has been watching his older brother and sister play since then as well. He attended his first Soccer Youth event in Round Rock, Texas and has been to four other events since then. Gabe won the Golden Ball at Soccer Youth’s Golden Cup last season in Naples, Florida. Gabe plays for Florida Elite at either the left or right wing position.

SY: What is your favorite thing about Soccer Youth?

Gabe: “Most of all just the communication with people. I have a great time playing the sport I love with all the other kids that I get along with. We all love the sport, and the coaches make it a great time for everyone. They have fun with us while teaching us some stuff.”

SY: Who are some of the people you’ve met through Soccer Youth?

Gabe: “Mostly the friends I’ve made. I’ve made a lot by going to the events like my friend John and plenty of others. I can’t remember my most recent coach’s name off the top of my head, but I loved him – he was a great coach. That was down in Naples, Florida.”

SY: Can you name one thing you’ve either learned or improved on at Soccer Youth?

Gabe: “Definitely leadership. With my team at Soccer Youth, leadership was so important to communication and teamwork. Getting along with teammates was never a big strength of mine and leadership definitely helped with that. Leadership was a huge thing I learned.”

SY: What are your goals in your soccer career?

Gabe: “My ultimate goal is to go professional. I want to be playing up there in the Premiere League. For Soccer Youth I want to go as much as I can because I’m loving it so far. It’s so much fun.”

Soccer Youth is thrilled that Gabe has been able to participate in events in the past and we’re looking forward to seeing him this summer at one of our eighteen locations across the country and Canada!