Coach Stovall answers questions about his background and his time with Soccer Youth

This week’s Coach Spotlight features Anthony Stovall. Coach Stovall was born in New Orleans, Louisiana. Growing up in a military household, he moved eighteen times before high school and lived in North and South Carolina, Wyoming, Colorado, Louisiana, and Florida. Coach Stovall has been coaching since he graduated high school. He began coaching at some camps and continued that while playing soccer in college. Towards the end of his professional career, Coach Stovall began officially coaching while still playing.

Coach Stovall started up his own company, Stovi Stars Performance Training, about two years before he ended his professional career. Stovi Stars is based in Naples, Florida and is a soccer-specific training and player development program that boasts four thousand enrollments with all players receiving a college offer to play soccer. Stovi Stars offers a multitude of programs including specialty 3v3 teams, 5v5 summer teams, camps, and college recruiting. The company is “private training that helps kids reach their potential as players and as people.”

SY: Can you give me a background of your playing career?

Coach Stovall: “Yeah, I grew up playing soccer. I started around the age of eight or nine. I played in high school and eventually went on to play for the University of South Carolina. I played about eight or nine years professionally. I played in the MLS, USL, Germany, and Belgium. I retired in 2011 and started my company in 2009.”

SY: So, have you coached anywhere other than your own company?

Coach Stovall: “I did some camps after high school. I did some camps in college, as well. I coached a little bit in Cleveland but not for very long. Florida is mainly where my coaching career is. Additionally, I’m on staff with Inter Miami right now as well. It’s based in Miami but basically Fort Lauderdale. My role is a scout for our youth development program.”

SY: Can you give me your overall thoughts on Soccer Youth?

Coach Stovall: “Overall thoughts? It’s a great experience for players, for coaches, and for families. Anyone that is looking for an experience where kids can be stretched to their limit and ultimately develop, this is it. It’s an experience where players come in to test and maximize their potential. It’s a great platform for players across the country to come in and feel a high-level atmosphere.”

SY: Can you describe a normal weekend for you at Soccer Youth?

Coach Stovall: “A normal weekend, to me, is getting the opportunity and excitement to meet new players, see familiar faces, and coach high level players in a competitive atmosphere. It gives me a chance to forge new relationships while pushing these kids to their limit to ultimately compete. I’m thinking about how to encourage players to reach their full potential over a weekend. That’s really my main thoughts over the weekend. We want to keep them engaged, excited, and maybe give them a few nuggets of information that they may not get at their club level. We want to make sure their experience is enriched. The big thing is that when kids come for the weekend, they’re coming to be a part of an atmosphere that is going to push them and my role is to provide an experience that is unmatched.”

Coach Stovall, along with the other fantastic Soccer Youth coaches, will be at the All-American series throughout the summer. With eighteen events scheduled for the summer, Soccer Youth will be all around the country to help kids grow and realize their soccer potential!