Gabe Seelmann

5 / 5


2023 Season


The player ranking comes from an evaluation session and a final ranking after the All-American event is complete. The final score is based on the performance during the event and is specific to the player’s birth year. All player rankings are added to all profiles after event completion.



Player has not participated in the Player Card Combine.


The Player Card Combine test a player’s skills that they have worked years on developing by competing in six different test. A scaled rating system is used to give the player a true and accurate score based on their specific birth year and gender.

Awards / Achievements

Club 2022- ECNL Florida Elite, JAX FL: Winner-up @ JFC Showcase 2021- MLS Next JFL, JAX Fl; Champions @ JFL Showcase, Team Captain 2020- WDDOA Prime Lions Club Division Champions, San Antonio TX 2019- WDDOA Challenger Sting/Titians, Corpus Christi TX- Division Champions International- 2022- Juventus Youth World Cup, Turin Italy- Semifinalist (Team Captain), (Top US Goal Scorer) 2019- Juventus Youth World Cup, Turin Italy- Quarterfinalist (Team Captain) 2019- Juventus Selection Through Competitive trials to Youth Academy, Turin Italy ODP- 2019- STX 2007 State Team Selection as a 2008 player 2019- STX 2007 Regional Selection University Of Alabama (as a 2008) Youth All American- 2022- Golden Cup Champions, Naples Fl; Team Captain, Play Maker Award, MVP/ Golden Ball 2020- Golden Cup, Naples Florida, Semifinals; Team Captain, Top Technical Player Award 2020- Youth All American, Austin TX; Champions, Team Captain, All Star selection


Club- 2022-Present: ECNL Florida Elite, JAX FL (7,11,8 positions) 2021-2022- MLS Next JFC, JAX FL (7,11,8 positions) 2019-2020- WDDOA Prime Lions Club, San Antonio TX (7,11,8 positions) 2017-2019- WDDOA Challenger Sting/Titans, Corpus Christ TX (7,11,8 positions) International- 2019-Present Juventus Youth Academy Turin Italy- Positions- 7,11,8 2019- Spring Academy International Matches (3 matches) 2019- Summer Youth World Cup, Turin Italy (8 matches) 2022- Summer Youth World Cup, Turin Italy (8 matches) ODP- 2019-2020- STX ODP State / Reginal Team Player 2021-2022- FL ODP State Team Player Youth All American- 2020- Youth All American, Austin TX 2020- All American Golden Cup, Naples FL 2022- All American Golden Cup, Naples FL 2023- All American Super Cup, Phoenix AZ

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