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Playing in the All-American Series gives each player the opportunity to be selected as one of the TOP PLAYERS from each Series location, allowing participation in the All-American Golden Cup held at the end of the year in Naples, Florida (East Version), Round Rock, Texas (Central Version), and Scottsdale, Arizona (West Version). From there, players are selected for the All-American Super Cup preseason event, preparing your player for the upcoming season and the summer All-American Series. If your player is invited to play in the Super Cup, you will not want to miss this opportunity.

COULDN’T MAKE A PAST ALL-AMERICAN EVENT? Another possible way to be selected (if spots are not filled up yet) to play in the Super Cup is by our thorough nomination process for players that couldn’t attend a past All-American event. Fill out the NOMINATION FORM with as much details as possible. If your player is selected, you will receive the official selection email allowing you to register for the event.

date & location

  • February 21-23, 2025 – Orlando, Florida

Registration cost: $425 per player. Included in the registration cost is the All-American Kit (two jerseys, shorts, socks, swag bag, and bag tag).

Highlights of the All-American Super Cup:

  • Opening ceremonies + 4 game guarantee + team practices + player evaluation sessions!
  • All-American Super Cup consist of players from around the nation (and, in some cases, the world)! Players are placed on Soccer Youth teams and compete against each other for the All-American Super Cup Championship.
  • All-American Super Cup Awards for Champion and Runner-Up teams, as well as individual achievement awards: Golden Ball, Golden Boot, Golden Gloves, Playmaker, Lockdown Defender, and more.
  • Opportunity to participate in our Performance Training Sessions, Player Card Combine, and selected Skills Challenges.
  • Possible selection to future All-American national events with top talent from around the nation, and other countries!

NOMINATION PROCESS: We’re now taking nominations for those players that couldn’t make the Golden Cup event. The Super Cup is expected to fill up with HUNDREDS of the TOP PLAYERS from our Soccer Youth events. Fill out the nomination form with as much details as possible. Knowing the Super Cup is a “Very Exclusive” event, our scouts will reach out to the player’s club coach or personal trainer for more information if needed.

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