Via Instagram, Soccer Youth has posted the Team of the Year Player Cards for each age group. The Team of the Year Player Cards are made for the top six field players of the age group, as well as the top goalie. To make the Team of the Year, the best overall scores at the Player Card Combine over the course of a season are taken. Every player that attends a Soccer Youth event has a player card made and has an opportunity to make the Team of the Year.

A Soccer Youth player card includes the player’s name, headshot, position, and nation’s flag. Also, similar to a FIFA card, are the player’s ratings listed as quick information. The player’s overall rating, listed towards the top of the card, is an average of the six other ratings – pace, power, passing, dribbling, agility, and shooting.

At each Soccer Youth All-American event, a time comes in which the Player Card Combine takes place. During the combine, there are six drill stations for each rating. The Pace drill is a 30-yard dash with lasers to accurately record the player’s time. The Power drill sees players getting three chances to kick a ball as hard as they can into a goal while the speed of the balls are recorded. The Passing drill involves players passing into mini-goals at various yard-based distances. The dribbling drill includes timed dribbling through cones for 15 yards total. The agility drill is a 5-10-5 drill, in which a player runs five yards, touches the line, turns and runs ten yards, touches the line and runs back to where they started. Finally, the Shooting drill sees players shoot nine regular soccer balls and one golden ball into a goal covered by a SKLZ net in 40 seconds. The top corners are worth twenty points while the bottom corners are worth five points. The golden ball doubles the point totals for the corner but is at a farther distance.

Below are the 2022-2023 Soccer Youth Team of the Year Cards, as well as where the player is from and their Instagram handle:

High School Boys
Xaiden Xiong from Bavarian United SC (@xaiddde)
David Bailey from West Florida Soccer Club
Kole Turner from Coastal Atlantic FC (@kdt3)
Lincoln Alexander from AZ Arsenal Soccer Club (@lincoln_s_alexander)
Nicholas Barresi from Cedar Stars Academy
Lucas Trull from Tri-Cities United Soccer Club (@lucas.trull)
Daniel Jones from Pasco Soccer Club

High School Girls
Talia Ciralsky from North Shore United Soccer Club
Madelynne Adams for FC Dallas East Texas
Aubrielle Hilliker from Colorado Rapids 07G (@briehillikerofficial)
Miley Castillo from Baytown Panthers FC (@miley_castilloo)
Sophia Barresi from Cedar Stars Academy (@sophiabarresi)
Summer Alcantar from Central Coast United SC (@s.alcantar23)
Abbi Kaestner from 08 Jasa Surge Girls

2009 Boys
Adam Perez from Palm Beach United (@south_fla_futbol)
Jacob Katona from SP Soccer 09 (@jacobkatona)
Ryan O’Donnell from STA Soccer (@ryanodsoccer)
Gregory Nikolian from LA International FC (@gregory.nikolian)
Nolan Derouin from Michigan Burn Soccer (@playernumberthirtythree)
Thomas Jonuskis from Florida West FC (@thomj_10)
Omar Perez from Phoenix Rising FC Youth Soccer (@omar__perez.09)

2009 Girls
Caringtyn Sturgeon from Indiana Fire Academy South (@caringtynsturgeon)
Get Lugo from Arizona Arsenal Soccer Club
Kellyn Miller from Internationals Soccer Club
Samantha Wells from Springboks 09 Girls (@samantha_wells147)
Katelyn Blackburn from Salvo Girls Academy
Alexa Perry from Pacesetters Soccer Club
Olivia Buckman from Pennridge Youth Soccer Association

2010 Boys
Valerio Cofini from Juventus Academy Toronto (@valerio_cofini4)
Joshua Dell’Elce from Juventus Academy Toronto (@joshua_dellelce_21)
Noah Lach from Unified Legacy FC (@noahlach32)
William Reed from Athens United (@willreed2)
Kamil Wylezek from Eagles HDS Academy
Gianni Naccarato from Juventus Academy Toronto (@gianni.nacc11)
Jason Hartman from Pasadena Soccer Club

2010 Girls
Maria Kartes from Florida Premier FC (@mariakartes217)
Payton Ellis from Alabama FC/BUSA (@paytoncellis)
Nora Leven from Ohio Premier Soccer Club (@nora_soccer61)
Ava Walker from Cincinnati United Premier (@ava2010soccer)
Lillian Frey from Ohio Premier Soccer Club (@the40one30one)
Ellie Biffin from Pickering FC (@elliebiffin)
Reagan Cathcart from Carolina Elite Soccer Academy (@reagan.cathcart223)

2011 Boys
Finnegan Moudy from Coastal Atlantic FC
Lucas Santilli from Phoenix Rising FC Youth (@lucasantilli_10)
Declan Moore from St. Louis Development Academy
Gregorio Echeverry from Weston Select Soccer Club (@gregorioecheverry)
Rhett McCloskey from Coastal Atlantic FC (@rhett1_2029)
Raydel Morga from El Paso Locomotive FC Youth (@raydel_morga_tx)
Egnazzio Salia from St. Louis Development Academy (@Nazinator2_)

2011 Girls
Kiley Rogers from Pickering FC (@kiley.rogers10)
Bailey McLean from Toms River FC
Gabriella Ventura from Brazilian Soccer Academy (@gabyv.2011)
Leila Smith from NOW FC (@leilaelizabethsmith)
Cassandra Hernandez from Manitou FC (@casi.hernandezzz)
Charlotte Semago from West Florida Flames (@charlottesemago17)
Francesca Fiore from Lionville Soccer Club (@soccer_fran_18)

2012 Boys
Sasha Lubovich from Gitchi Gummi Soccer Club
Silas Sharpe from Fort Wayne Sport Club (@silasbsharpe)
Brecken Steffan from Peoria FC United (@peoriasoccer9)
Mauro Kovacs from FC Dallas East Texas
Teagan Pleitez from CVF Via Real Force Academy
Kaleo Givens from Braden River Soccer Club (@k_styles4)
Carter Borocz from Jacksonville FC (@carterboroczgk1)

2012 Girls
Katlynn Fordham from South Carolina Surf North Area (@soccer_girl_katie49)
Carlisle Ellis from Alabama FC/BUSA (@carlikateellis)
Leilani Briones from IMG Academy (@leilanilunabriones)
Emmalyn Hughes from Legends FC (@emma.hughes9)
Madelyn Beckman from SYC Soccer (@madsbeckman4)
Norah Davidson from Penn Fusion Soccer Academy (@norahdavidson5)
Kikyo Hinds from Alexandria Soccer Association (@Kikyo_Hinds)

2013 Boys
Aiden Carter from Tormenta FC Academy (@aidenwestcarter)
Dahveed Porter from FC Prime (@dahveed2013)
Addox Howard from Naverre United FC (@addox10)
Dylan Taobane from Philadelphia Union Youth
Benjamin Stuckey from Azzurri Storm Soccer Club (@ben_stuckey10)
Niko Portillo from SYC Soccer (@niko2themax10)
Sebastian Von Glumer from B-Elite Soccer Denver

2013 Girls
Marley Morgan from Cape Coral Soccer Association (@marleyj2013)
Zuri Anderson from Louisville City FC Academy (@zurianderson10)
Kamryn O’Keefe from Legends FC AZ (@bambam.ok13)
Zoe Maldonado from Turlock Academica Jrs. (@zm_soccer_11)
Cecilia Palmisano from Florida Elites Soccer Academy (@cecilia72013)
Isabella Dicicco from Cape Coral Soccer Association (@bella_futbol2013)
Lily Chastain from Beach United FC

2014 Boys
Cesar Santana from SYC Soccer (@cesarsantana2014)
Emerson Ventura from Brazilian Soccer Academy (@emmyv.2014)
Kingston Stovall from Azzurri Storm Soccer Club (@kingstonstovall)
Nathan Zavalza from SoCal Elite FC (@14_natedawg_)
Jonathan Treadwell from SYC Soccer (@jonathant2014)
Brode Miller from Palacios Fútbol Club (@brode.miller)
Jace Martinez from FC Dallas East Texas (@goalkeeper_jacefcdallas14)

2014 Girls
Hailey Hernandez from FC Prime (@soccerhailey_13)
Holland Hartington from Azzurri Storm Soccer Club (@hollandhartington)
Kinley Marszalek from FC Dallas Youth (@kinleym_21)
Vivienne McCray from Florida Kraze Krush (@vivisoccerstar)
Gracie Rice from PBG Predators Soccer (@gracierice0105)
Olivia Taliaferro from VA Reign FC
Kennedy Marzalek from FC Dallas Youth (@kennedy_20keeper)

2015 Boys
Mateus Molina from Doral Soccer Club (@mateus.molina10)
Vincent Loquercio from Evolution Soccer Club (@vincentloqo)
Grayson Ruud from Azzurri Storm Soccer Club(@grayson_ruud)
Giovanni Richardson (@giorossi5ive)
Daniel Guzman from Foggia Calcio Club (@daniel_3_guzman)
Kirin Kirts from Sting Soccer Club (@kirin.plays)
Sebastian Barrientos from Surf Soccer Club (@sebas_thekeeper)

2015 Girls (No Goalie)
Hadlee Torbert from FC Dallas 14G Pulpaneck (@hadleemae)
Jorea Borden from Hawaii Rush Soccer Club (@joreasoccer2)
Ainsley Becker from Chicago Inter SC (@ainsley.bitty)
Brooklyn McNellis from Anthony Wayne United
Ellie Banks from Elizabethtown FC
Vassiliki Kartes from Florida Premier FC
Samantha Dundon from Wilmington Hammerheads Youth FC