Soccer Youth Prepares for this Summer’s All-American Series

Soccer Youth All-American Series

Soccer Youth’s All-American Series is one of the nation’s premiere youth soccer events for individual players. The Summer Series includes events in sixteen locations in 13 U.S. states as well as Toronto, Canada. Other individual events include the All-American Golden Cup in Mesa, Arizona (West Version) and Naples, Florida (East Version), and the All-American Super Cup in Round Rock, Texas. Soccer Youth also participates in team events including the Summer Nationals in Panama City Beach, Florida and Soccer Youth FC in Panama City Beach, Florida, Virginia Beach, Virginia, and Foley, Alabama. The team events are geared more towards competition than individual events.

Anthony Stovall, a parent, coach, and former professional American soccer player, describes Soccer Youth as an “amazing experience where players from all ages and environments can come into a new environment and be pushed to ultimately help them with their soccer journey and reach their next level. From experience as a coach and father, these events have changed the trajectory of my kids’ soccer careers and allowed me to connect with so many amazing players and their families to help with their soccer journey.”

Max Hammond, Director of Soccer Youth, describes Soccer Youth as “play-based events in which players get to compete with others from all across the country under new coaches with amazing backgrounds. Soccer Youth provides opportunities for parents to make connections at a national level in the soccer community. Our events help highlight players’ abilities but also exposes what those players might need to improve on. Our Player Card Combine has different drills and provides a hard number point-of-view that can be analyzed for comparison to others in the same age-range. It’s a great way for athletes to get out there and have fun while also seeing where they stand at playing with new players and coaches.

Each All-American Series event is invite-only. To be selected to attend, A player must be nominated through the Soccer Youth website. The nomination process includes listing information about the athlete, the athlete’s club team/coach, if the athlete has a personal trainer, and highlights of the athlete. Once selected, the All-American Series includes a 4-game guarantee as well as team practice and an evaluation session, a custom All-American Kit (two jerseys, shorts, socks, and a swag bag from LEXA Sport), recognition in the Opening Ceremonies and Awards Presentation, a chance at awards voted on by Soccer Youth staff, and skills challenges with awards for top finishers.

Soccer Youth will connect with around 4,000 athletes from about 45 different states, as well as Canada, throughout the year. With events ranging from the first weekend of June to the first weekend of September, Soccer Youth prepares for its biggest summer ever. To nominate an athlete for Soccer Youth, please visit