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2023 All-American Series - Golden Gloves

2023 All-American Series - Sharp Shooter

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2023 Season


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Awards / Achievements

(2024) Invited to go to Italy to play in a tournament against some of the top Italian academy sides (Roma, Juventus, Torino, AC Milan, Atalanta and others) in March/April 2024 in Milan, Italy as part of his new AYSO team. (2024) Invited to play in the All-American Super Cup between 3/1/24 and 3/3/24. (2023) Invited to play in the All-American Golden Cup in Naples Florida between 12/27/23 and 12/31/23. His team won 7 games and lost the final ending the tournament in 2nd place. This was a tournament of players from across the US and his team scored 12 goals against a 6ft 2in MLS Academy Goalkeeper. Austin has also earned a reputation in Alaska’s ODP program and is known as “Texas Jed” because of how well he plays in goal and how alike he is to one of their top goalkeepers in Alaska. (2023) Played in a National Keeper Wars tournament in San Antonio, TX. There were 160 GKs from 9 states. As a 13 year old, in his group of 13-15 year olds, Austin was one goal shy of 4th place in the overall tournament. The champion was an MLS academy 15 year old. Austin was the highest scoring 13-year-old in the tournament. (2023) Selected to be the “Mike” for his 8th grade football team for the season. This position takes the direction from the coach through hand signals, and then Austin tells the rest of the team the play (Leadership role). (2023) Recognized by All American as 1 of the top 7 2010 boy’s team of the season. Placed 5th. This was across all of All American players to include MLS Academy players and other national players. (2022-2023) As the #1 GK on both teams, Austin helped promote his GSA U13 (2022) and GSA U14 teams (2023) to the next level twice in two years. (2023) Invited to and plans to participate in the All-American Golden Cup in Naples, FL in December 2023. When he attended in December 2022, there were 700 players, from 40 different states and 10 different countries represented. (2023) Invited to go to Arsenal Premier League Club Development Camp in the UK in the summer of 2024, which he plans to attend. (2023 – Present) Founding player and #1 GK of Texas based American Youth Soccer Organization (AYSO) in Leander, Texas, Age 13 (U15 Select Primary Team). AYSO is located in California and other states, and moved into Texas in 2023. (2023) Participated in an Arsenal Soccer Development Camp in the Summer of 2023. Earned the Player of the Day award by being the top goalkeeper and player for all age groups. As a result of this success, Austin was selected to go to Arsenal in London, England in November 2023 and June 2024. (2023) Earned the Most Valuable Player (MVP) Goalkeeper for his division at the annual weeklong Goalkeeper camp at The University of Texas A&M. (2023) While he could not attend, Austin was invited to play for an All-American team in Virginia Beach, VA also in the summer of 2023. (2023) Austin was invited to play on an All-American national team as a Goalkeeper as part of the Soccer Youth Summer Nationals in Panama Beach, FL from 6/12-15/23. He played against other teams and players from across the United States. (2023) Received the Golden Gloves and Sharpshooter awards as the best goalkeeper tied in his age group and the best shot on goal out of all of the boys at the All-American Invitational that was held in Round Rock, TX in June 2023. (2023) Helped his team get into the Texas State finals for 2023 by saving 3 of 4 penalty shots in a penalty shootout. This led to the team promoting to the next bracket. Has developed an ability to know exactly which way the striker is going to shoot the ball, and has developed the psychological skill of messing with the strikers mind to help with his ability to give himself a better chance of saving the ball. Saved 4 penalty shots out of 5 in the Spring 2023 season. (2023) Was invited to play in the All-American Super Cup in Mesa, AZ on 1/12/23 to be played on 2/3-5/23 as a Goalkeeper. Had the opportunity to play with MLS Academy players from across the nation. (2022) Was invited to play in the All-American invitational in Dallas TX (Nov 2022) and the All-American Golden Cup in Naples FL (Dec 2022) as a Goalkeeper. Earned 4 clean sheets in Naples FL. Had the opportunity to play with MLS Academy players from across the country. (2022 – 2022) Undefeated season with final game being 0-0. 7th Grade American Football Team, Age 12. Played as the team’s Kicker, Offensive Linesman and Defensive Linebacker, where he was tasked with running through the linesmen and making sacks. 11 Sacks/Key Tackles, 1 blocked throw, 2 Fumble recoveries with one fumble recovery resulting in a 63 yard touchdown, 40-yard kick (Furthest kick this season) and various tackles. Plays Slot-T. Teams scored 30+ points per game, with highest scoring game being 52-0 (7-0-1) Additionally, Austin's teams have earned him a number of medals for tournament play. Individually, he was in a National Keeper Wars Competition, Age 11 in a U12/U13 bracket where he placed 5th overall – This was a national tournament with 27 GKs in his division from all over Texas and 4 other states. He actually knocked out an “All American Goalkeeper” 2 games to 0 to make the quarterfinals. He was also a division champion in a goalkeeper vs striker tournament, and continues to attend GK camps and tournaments across the state. He was also instrumental in helping to take his former team to State in 2023 by saving 3 of 4 penalty shots in a penalty shoot-out.


Austin's Youtube channel is located at the following location: Austin has been playing Goalkeeper as his primary position since he was 8 years old. In this role he has maintained the #1 GK position for a majority of that time. The only exception was when he joined his last team and had to earn the role by starting as the #3 GK and becoming the #1 in less than 1 year. Including team games and team tournaments, Austin has played in 175 games to date as a Goalkeeper. He played as a U14 player since he turned 12, and was the #1 GK for that team. He is now on a new team as the #1 GK with a U15 team. He has had 1,983 saves to date and has maintained a save rate of 85% since he started in goal. He has aspirations of going professional, and has had the fortune of being part of the All American invitational, Golden Cup invitational, Super Cup invitational and was invited to play in two separate All American teams at the Summer Nationals in Panama Peach, FL, in June 2023. He was also invited to play in the Virginia Beach tournament in 2023 as well (he unfortunately could not attend this event due to another soccer conflict). He maintains a high GPA, and played football in middle school, where he was the kicker, linesman and a linebacker. In the linebacker role, his primary task was to sack the quarterback. He had 11 tackles and sacks this past fall along with a 60+ yard fumble recovery touchdown. His team was also undefeated for the 7th grade season. For the 8th grade season, he had a number of keys sacks and tackles, and was the "Mike" for his team where we relayed the coaches signs to the rest of the team on the field (leadership role).


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Club Achievements

Austin saved 3 of 4 penalty shots in a penalty shootout to help take his team to the Texas State Finals in the spring of 2023. Division champions in their league twice in a row enabling his team to promote up two levels in two years.

Coach's Comments

Honored as the Captain of his team before the game, Austin had 39 saves in goal. The opposing coach told Austin "good job in goal" post game. The opposing players also screamed at him in Spanish (swearing) due to his continual saves in goal. After having 24 saves in the game, the Houston Dynamo coach came onto the field and told Austin, "that he did an F'ing good job in goal." Opposing team parents from different clubs periodically tell Austin that he has played extremely well in goal. These have included statements such as "that was the save of the game," and "you played extremely well in goal," as well as just coming up to Austin and telling how well he did in goal. After 24 saves in one game, three separate Lonestar parents told Austin that he "did a great job in goal." After 8 saves, plus a penalty save, a parent told Austin that he was "the man of the match." After 24 saves in a game, an opposing team parent from Westlake told Austin, "that he did a good job in goal." After 33 saves against Austin Bold FC, both the referee and a Bold parent told Austin that "he did a fantastic job in goal." After 13 saves, the Galaxy coach came over to Austin after a game and told him that "he did amazing in goal." After 17 saves in a game, an opposing parent told Austin what a great job he did in goal. After 8 saves in a game, an opposing Cap City player told Austin "that he did a good job in goal." After 13 saves in a game, the Lions Coach told Austin "that he did a good job in goal." After 14 saves in a game, Austin was highlighted as "the man of the match." At All-American, Austin's FC Dallas Coach stated that "he is a very good goalkeeper."

Additional Achievements

Division winner at the Lonestar Goalkeeper Challenge. Silver Bracket Champions at a 5v5 Halloween tournament. Placed 3rd in the GKPro EGK Kombat Goalkeeper Wars Tournament. Placed 5th out of 27 Goalkeepers from across several states in the National Goalkeeper Wars tournament. Earned the Sharpshooter and Golden Glove Awards at an All-American invitational in Round Rock, Texas. Because Austin tends to play on teams where the goalkeeper role is so critical to the overall success of the team, Austin averages 175 saves in a half season (Spring or Fall). His highest season to date totaled 397 saves. This allows him to be constantly in motion and gives him the opportunity to continually get better over time. To date, he has had just under 1,983 saves in total since he started playing in goal at the age of 8. In his final game of the Fall 2023 season, Austin had 39 saves in one game resulting in not only the opposing team coach telling him, "great job in goal," but the opposing team on the field were swearing at him constantly in Spanish as he wasn't letting anything get by him. The team did lose, but even with that, Austin still maintained a 90% save rate in the game!

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