Keegan Lee

3.8 / 5


2023 Season


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Awards / Achievements

Golden Cup Championship 2022 (01/01/2023) Soccer Youth All American Sharp Shooter Award 2022 Catalunya Cup (Spain) Summer 2022


2010 player training and competing with B1 Soccer Academy USA in Fort Myers, Florida. Keegan started competitive soccer at the age of 7 and is a diversified player that is well qualified to play in any position on the field. He is comfortable as a defender, but primarily a CAM, Striker, or Wing. A leader both on and off the field, Keegan is known for his work ethic and ability to overcome adversity. In addition to multiple tournament championships, Keegan has played in Spain during the summer of 2022 with his club B1 USA and trained with their parent club B1 Soccer Academy in Barcelona. As an attendee of the 2022/2023 Golden Cup, his 2009/2010 team won the Championship and Keegan also won the Sharpshooter award. During his summers, Keegan plays 3v3 with his team winning the Gold Championship in Nationals July 2021. He looks forward to continuing on his soccer journey for many years to come!

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