Kilian Carela

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2023 Season


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Awards / Achievements

2023 EPPL U8 Fall Champion.


Kilian Carela is a fantastic player born in Honesdale Pennsylvania on April 2017. Kilian started his soccer journey in January 2020 playing/practicing with DGR and Riverfront in Scranton PA. After relocating to El Paso TX in 2022 he joined local team Foggia Calcio. Playing for Foggia Calcio for the past year, Kilian has scored more than 175 goals and some of the most astonishing goals El Paso leagues have seen for a player of his age, showing his phenomenal talent and superb soccer IQ. After playing his first tournament last year, Kilian led his team to their first ever finals, scoring 14 out of the 17 goals of his team. Kilian has been awarded the team trophy and has been selected to represent his team in multiple categories (2017,2016 & 2015)

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