Aryan Mangat


2024 All-American Super Cup - Playmaker

4.8 / 5


2023 Season


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Awards / Achievements

All American Super Cup - Playmaker, Surf Select National Team, Phoenix Cup Champions - Captain, Sounders Cup Champions - Captain, 2024 All American Super Cup Champions, 2013's, Starfire Labour Day Cup Champions, EliteXI Canada - Playmaker Award, Las Vegas Mayors Cup Finalist - Captain, Surrey Mayors cup Match MVP X 3, Vancouver Whitecaps FC Academy.


Aryan Mangat, (2014), stands out as a top prospect in the 2014 age group in British Columbia, Canada. His exceptional skills and dedication to the sport have garnered recognition at both regional and national levels. Aryan's commitment to excellence has been evident through his selection as one of the Surf Select fifteen, earning him a coveted spot at the National ID Camp and ultimately getting a nod for the top tier Surf Select Blue team to compete in Salou Spain. His coaches have commented that "Aryan is a complete player". This achievement reflects not only his outstanding abilities but also his potential to make a significant impact on the soccer scene. One of Aryan's distinctive attributes is his versatility on the field. Despite being a dynamic Central Attacking Midfielder (CAM), he demonstrates the ability to excel in various positions, including Right Back, Left Back, Right Wingback, or in the center. Aryan consistently plays at a level beyond his age, often competing with and against peers who are a year or two older, showcasing both his maturity and soccer acumen. His defensive capabilities and grit are a standout feature, characterized by his adeptness in handling one-on-one situations. Aryan's agility and quick footwork make him a formidable force on the field, while his technical skills enable him to navigate challenges and take on opponents confidently. Aryan Mangat's soccer journey is marked by achievements that underscore his talent, versatility, and commitment to excellence. As a player who consistently raises the bar, Aryan is poised to make a lasting impact in the world of soccer, capturing the attention of scouts and enthusiasts alike.

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