Roland Werth

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2023 Season


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Awards / Achievements

Roland has won several tournaments including The United Spring Classic, Cherry Capital Cup, Fresh Coast Classic and the Midland Invitational Tournament. He also won a medal at Elite Soccer Training for BEST ACCURACY. Roland continues to travel all over Michigan and plays against the best teams in the state to continue to grow and develop.


Roland Werth has played soccer since he was five and lives in Petoskey, a small rural town in northern lower Michigan. For the past four years he's played on travel teams throughout Michigan and in Florida. He's been dually rostered for the Vardar Michigan Gold team as well as the Directors Academy. Roland has played in the Disney Tournament at the World Wide World of Sports for the past two years and has played against teams from all over the country. Roland say's he plays soccer because "I like to be a part of a team. It helps me build my confidence as we play against bigger, and sometimes more advanced teams. Being on a team has taught me leadership skills that will help me as I grow and develop as a player and as a person."

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