Carlos Josiyah Menjivar

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2023 Season


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Awards / Achievements

-2021 Fall Munster P&R Soccer Black Mambas Top Scorer, 2023 Spring Munster P&R Soccer Green Machine Top Scorer, 2023 Spring Munster P&R Soccer Green Machine Player With Most Assist, 2023 Selected All-American (Palm Beach Gardens, Florida Series), 2023 Selected All-American Golden Cup (Naples, Florida), Official Participant 2024 All-American Super Cup (Round Rock Texas), 2024 Selected All-American Series (IMG Academy Florida)


Carlos Josiyah Menjivar, known on the pitch as CJ7, is a striker out of Munster Indiana who plays for Nike Allegiant Football Club and U8 Munster SCFC-FS23 after moving up to Club Level Play from Munster P&R Soccer. Cj7 was born January 7, 2016 with a unique ethnicity being a mixture of Salvadoran Guatemalan and Puerto Rican and proudly carrying a last name of Portuguese descent. Carlos Josiyah picked up a soccer ball for the first time at the age of 5 and there’s no signs of stopping him yet. After scoring 10 goals in his first 6 appearances with Munster P&R Black Mambas, which lead to his nomination for the Summer Series 2023 Youth All American, CJ7 has developed and continues to improve on his dominating position as a Striker and also plays Attacking Midfielder and the Right Wing position very well. CJ7 at just 8 years old, will be making his way to the 2024 All-American Super Cup with a total of 40 youth career goals! Carlos Josiyah has worn the jersey number 7 from the very beginning of his youth career in honor of his idol Cristiano Ronaldo. You can follow CJ7’s Youth Career Through His Instagram by Following @C_josiyah7

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