Sports Illustrated Kids 2019 Sports Kid of the Year

Ally Sentnor is SIKids 2019 SportsKid of the Year

Just posted Ally Sentnor is Sports Illustrated 2019 SportsKid of the year! This outstanding young player has accomplished a lot in such a short amount of time. She possesses the right credentials to hold this prestigious award!

Ally started playing soccer in kindergarten in Massachusetts, eventually leading her school team to its first conference championship as a sophomore. Being good on both feet and reading the game from such a young age. Β This feat did not go unnoticed as she has gained attention from the national team level as well playing for U15 and U17 teams! Her coaches say she’s always up for the challenge and her drive is like no other!

What makes Ally a special player is what she does off the field as well besides being a leader on the field. Starting a big-little sister program with the national team as well as volunteering her time with the Special Olympics, making her a very good role model. Actions like this go way above what is asked and it is greatly appreciated and noticed. It’s no wonder why Sports Illustrated has chosen Ally to be the SportsKid of the Year.

It’s no doubt Ally has a bright potential future in front of her being committed to a Division 1 soccer program being the North Carolina Tar Heels and playing with the national team. This is the kind of player we hope to build at Soccer Youth, great players on and off the field!

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