Jayden Joseph

4.5 / 5


2023 Season


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Awards / Achievements

I was nominated by my mother after she was told about the 2022 All American Golden Cup event. My mother accompanied me because my dad had to travel out-of-state for his job. After 4 days of intensive playing, my team the Commanders, won the championship for the 2011 boys and I won the Golden Glove award for outstanding achievement in goalkeeping. It was my first time participating in any of the events. My team members and I have won several tournaments and won a trip to Spain. This was the top prize for being the champions of the Commissioner's Cup 2022. I won the Golden Glove award at this tournament.


My mother always tells the story of me playing soccer while in her womb resulting in me kicking so much that I created a small tear in her amniotic sac, resulting in me being born by C-section at 34 weeks. I was tiny but a fighter. My dad played local soccer and his primary position was goalkeeping. Since I was just a few months old and was able to balance, my dad has played and watched soccer with me. I have several pictures of us watching our favorite teams dressed in matching outfits. I live and breathe soccer and slept with several balls in my bed. I first played for the local I9 sports and was later recruited by several teams before my dad choose Players Club of Tampa Bay because he felt I would be in good hands with the coaches from that club. I first played forward position and my dad suggested goalkeeping. I did not like it at first but received the best training from the club's goalkeeping coach and my dad and now it's the only position that I want to do. I am in the 6th grade am an A+ student and have to maintain my grades because my parents would not let me continue playing soccer if my grades are not good. I also play in my school's soccer team as a striker.

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