Landon Noel

4.9 / 5


2023 Season


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Awards / Achievements

SG1 Most Improved Player (2020) All A Honor Roll (May 2020) Chorale Award (2020-2021) Remarkable Reader (May 2022) All A & B Honor Roll (May 2022) Master Mathematician (May 2022) Chorale Award (2021-2022) Academic Achievement Award (May 2022) Elementary Chorale Workshop Selection - 5th Grade (Spring 2022) Honor Roll - All A/Bs - 1st 6 weeks (Fall 2022) Honor Roll - All As - 2nd 6 weeks (Fall 2022) Honor Roll - All As - 3rd 6 weeks (Fall 2022) Honor Roll - All As - 1st Semester (Fall 2022)


Landon is a Haitian American soccer player from Houston, Texas, who resides in Katy, Texas. Born to Jeffly Noel (Haitian) and Lakeiva Noel (American), Landon is the oldest of four boys. Landon is a multi-sport athlete, participating in football, basketball, baseball, swimming, and of course soccer! Landon is known for his tremendous speed, ability to retain possession, move past defenders, and score. As a forward and striker, Landon commands the game when exhibiting his strength and power. This, combined with his natural speed and quickness makes him a problem for those on the opposing team. Along with his physical ability, Landon is an academic prowess. He has always been a high achieving student. Even with the physical demand of soccer and all of the other sports he participates in, he is still an “All A” Honor Roll student in Advanced/ Gift & Talented Classes. Landon’s other interest and talents including art, building models and STEM circuits, and playing video games with friends and soccer teammates. Landon hopes that one day be able to turn his passion for soccer into a reality by play professionally. His favorite soccer player is Kylian Mbappe', who he models his game style after. As a back-up plan, Landon is interested in becoming an Architecture, so he can one day build a dream house for his family.

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