Nathan Claudio

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2023 Season


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Awards / Achievements

Jaime Davila Elementary Soccer Achievement Award - I9 Character Player Award and the Championship - Texas Youth Soccer League Fall Tournament champions and Inner City Soccer Houston Cup Champions. All State player.


He began to play in 2018, when he was 6 years old. Soccer has always been important for him. In 2023 as part Jaime Davila Elementary soccer team, Go Dolphins! Made it all the way to the playoffs, and he was a key player able to play any position. In Summer 2023 he was part of a recreational league called I9, where the team won 1st place. I am honored to call him son since in that league he helps a lot, putting aside his shines as player and helping kids with autism to have a great experience as team captain he made sure that everyone made a goal, even if it means to stop himself from making a goal and giving it to a kid that has not made a goal. God gave him a great heart. Now he is part of a Club named Mana F.C. where he plays either forward or midfielder. He has played 16 games with this team in 2023 – made 15 goals and over 10 assists – they won the Texas Youth Soccer League Fall Tournament and the Inner-City Soccer Houston Cup. He was also accepted to the All-State weekend and the All-American Super Cup, both events happening in 2024.

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