Lilian Nemec

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2023 Season


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Awards / Achievements

2023 Spring Season Captain 2nd Place League Finish, Mid Michigan Youth Soccer League


Lilian Nemec plays a center back as a primary position and is always working as hard as she can on the field and during training sessions. Lilian is a player who is invaluable on the field from stopping attacks to countering into offensive transitions. She has a physically commanding presence and is able to tackle the opposition, quickly switch the field, take goal kicks, indirect kicks, and has an impressive shot as a defender. In addition to her talents, she plays with an extreme amount of heart. Lilian was named captain for the 2023 spring season for her leadership qualities, which include: leading warmups, controlling her defensive line, increasing field communication, and promoting an inclusive environment for her teammates. At the age of 11, her dedication and commitment to soccer and her teammates is far beyond her years. Her leadership qualities, determination, and grit make her a resource on and off the field for any team she joins in any position she plays. There is no doubt she has an impressive career in her future and is eager for the opportunity to be challenged and grow as a player and person.

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