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Gracie Wilson

  • Birth Year: 2009
  • Gender: Female
  • Position(s): Midfielder
  • Club Team: Revolution Ranger FC
  • City: Corinth, Texas

Soccer Youth Events

All-American Series - Panama City Beach / Florida (2019 Winter), All-American Series - College Station / Texas (2020), All-American Series - Round Rock / Texas (2020), Golden Cup - Naples / Florida (2020)


Golden Cup Selection, All-Star Game Selection

Skills Session Results


Gracie is a notable midfielder from Corinth, Texas, where she plays for her club team Revolution Ranger FC. Gracie scored five goals and assisted with one during the College Station Series, where she performed exceptionally well and was recognized as a first-team player allowing her to play in the “All-Star” game. We asked coach Roman to tell us a bit about Gracie he described her as so, “Gracie was outstanding, she never gave up. And when you see her play, you can see she plays with passion because she loves the game.”We asked the seasoned All-American herself about her soccer journey with us and Gracie tells us this, “At both Panama City Beach and College Station, it was next level with the competition. It pushed me to be a better player. I saw what areas I was good in, and I was able to see what I need to work on, and I have come home and started extra training to be ready for Myrtle Beach. Contributing to my team for our championship was the best feeling in the world. Holding the cup with my teammates is something I will not forget. I also have lasting friendships that I will cherish. The coaches are unlike any other, and I cannot wait for Myrtle, Round Rock, and the Golden Cup.”Gracie’s mother, Lisa, was asked about her thoughts and experience with Soccer Youth, and she had some very encouraging things to say, “I want to say that the coaches ALL even opposing team coaches took the time out to work with Gracie. They genuinely care, and they want what is best for the kids. I am excited to see how she grows with Soccer Youth throughout the years. Thanks for believing in her. Watching her excitement when she made “All-Stars” both times was priceless. Watching her work hard in Panama City then win it all in College Station is a memory I will carry with me.”

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