All-American Player Spotlight – Yumari Hernandez 2007

Name: Yumari Hernandez

Birth Year: 2007

From: Harker Heights, Texas

Club Team: Lonestar

Series Attended: All-American Series in College Station, Texas (Winter 2020)

Yumari Hernandez is a Goalkeeper from Harker Heights, TX, where she plays for her club team Lonestar. During our College Station, TX series Yumari’s performance and 19 saves earning her the title of “Golden-Gloves” and placing her on the first team where she played in the #All-American Series.

When asked about her soccer journey with us at SoccerYouth, here is what Yumari shared with us, “Best soccer event to show what I got!”. Yumari shared this statement to help inspire other All-American goalies, “If you’re a goalkeeper, it doesn’t matter what you save the ball with – if you keep it out, it’s not a goal,” well said Yumari!

Parents soccer journey is just as important to us! So, when we asked Yuri about the parent side of the College Station, TX series Yuri said this, “Great experience to see talent come together and see real passion for the game!”

Coach Roman had nothing but nice things to say about Yumari when we followed up with him, sharing this, “Yumari was phenomenal and raised the bar for goalkeepers.”

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