All-American Player Spotlight – Talyn Guthrie 2008 🇺🇸⚽️

Name: Talyn Guthrie

Birth Year: 2008

From: Lebanon, Illinois

Club Team: Lou Fusz Soccer Club

Series Attended: All-American Series in Panama City Beach, Florida (Winter 2019)

Talyn is a forward from Illinois and currently plays for Lou Fusz Soccer Club. During her time in the All-American Series in Panama City Beach this winter, Talyn led her division in both goals and assists with an astonishing 53 goals and 15 assists! Talyn’s amazing talent lead her to be named to the All-American “First Team” as well as a spot in the All-Star Game during the All-American Series.

Talyn was also selected the “Golden Boot” for scoring the most goals in her division, as well as the “Golden Ball” for being the best player in her division!

Coach Perry had this to say, “Talyn was an all around amazing athlete, she not only can create for herself but also her teammates. Her foot skills are controlled, which allowed her to move defenders! She is what most coaches would call, “a coach’s kid or dream, she plays with such passion and tenacity, she is an absolute joy to watch.”

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