All-American Player Spotlight – Kiran Richards 2008

Name: Kiran Richards

Birth Year: 2008

From: Corpus Christi, Texas


Series Attended: All-American Series in College Station, Texas (Winter 2020)

Kiran Richards is a Forward from Corpus Christi TX, where he plays for CCFC and CC STRIKERS. Kiran scored seven goals and six assists, earning him the title of β€œGolden-Ball” and placing him on the MID-Boys First Team, giving Kiran the opportunity the play in the All-American All-Star Game.Β 

Kiran shared this about his #SoccerJourney with us at #SoccerYouth as, β€œhaving a surge of adrenaline rush and pure excitement to play with players that were good as me.” 

Kiran goes on to say he’s always hard on himself in everything he does and he really enjoyed playing with old and new friends and not letting his teammates down, even when he didn’t want to play certain positions, he did it to the best of his ability. β€œI enjoyed the drills, which allowed me to know my strengths and weaknesses. I will continue to work hard to reach my goals.” Says Kiran Β 

At #SoccerYouth, we value everyone’s experience during our events! When we asked Kavian (Kiran’s parent) about their take on the College Station TX event, this is what Kavian shared, β€œMy experience at the Soccer Youth All-American Series at College Station was one of excitement. I really enjoyed the individual aspect of the training because they were given the opportunity to shine and show their individual skills. The All-Star Game on Saturday and the Finals on Sunday, where I watched my son Kiran play on the U12 Red team, I must say it was the most thrilling game to watch, that I couldn’t even take a seat. My heartbeat felt like it was beating out of my chest. Both teams really wanted to win, and they played omg they really played. It was a very tiring weekend for both parents and children, but it was fun nonetheless”. Thank you for sharing Kavian! Β 

Coach Colture had this to share about Kiran, β€œKiran is a great leader… He is very coachable and has a great attitude!!! Kiran is a very humble and skilled player that has a bright future in soccer and has a great support system in his family, and we are all very proud of Kiran not only as a soccer player but a great person, and teammate”.Β 

Great Job Kiran, you genuinely are an All-American.Β