All-American Player Spotlight – Jayda Dubeck 2003

Name: Jayda Dubeck

Birth Year: 2003

From: Chesapeake, Virginia

Club Team: Golden Ball Soccer Academy

Series Attended: All-American Series in Panama City Beach, Florida (Winter 2019)

Jayda is a passion-filled forward and midfielder from Chesapeake Virginia where she currently plays for the Golden Ball Soccer Academy. She not only plays up an age group, but she also plays with the boy’s team at her club. During her time spent with us at the All-American Series in Panama City Beach, Jayda just could not get enough soccer! After playing with her team, she would then join her same age group boy’s team and play or train with them!

She was recognized as the “Golden Ball” recipient for her age group and played in the “All-Star Game” during her experience at the All-American Winter Series (2019)

Jayda’s coach Samantha had nothing but good things to say about Jayda when asked, stating, “You could see really how much Jayda loves just playing, she’s a very knowledgeable player who isn’t afraid to take her opponents on. She’s a strong athlete and a true force to be reckoned with…. she’ll go far in the game if she keeps up her hard work. It was delightful to watch her play”.

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