All-American Player Spotlight – Avery Jo Rinke 2008

Name: Avery Jo Rinke (see player profile)

Birth Year: 2008

From: Norman, Oklahoma

Club Team: OEFC 08 White Girls

Series Attended: All-American Series in College Station, Texas (Winter 2020)

Avery Jo is a talented goalkeeper from Norman, Oklahoma, where she plays for her club team OEFC. During the College Station series, Avery Jo made 29 saves and performed at a high level, earning her the recognition as a Golden Cup Selection where she was able to play in the “All-Star” game. We asked Avery Jo’s coach Charlie to tell us about her and what it was like coaching her, and he shared this, “Avery Jo’s presence as goalie in all her matches was noticeable for both her team and the opposition. She took good angles and had a fearless mentality.”

We asked Avery Jo and her family about their soccer journey with us at Soccer Youth, and here is what they had to say, “(Avery Jo says) the whole experience was excellent, and I liked the tournament format, and that helped me to bond with my teammates more… She goes on to say… it also motivated me to push myself harder than before. And the jerseys were awesome.” Avery Jo’s family said, “We had a great experience and look forward to playing at the Golden Cup.”

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