All-American Player Spotlight – Alexander Gomez 2004

Name: Alexander Gomez

Birth Year: 2004

From: Mesquite, Texas

Club Team: Royse City Raptors

Series Attended: All-American Series in College Station, Texas (Winter 2020)

Alexander Gomez is a talented goalkeeper from Mesquite, Texas, where he plays for his club team Royse City Raptors. Alexander made an impressive amount of saves totaling up to 39 during his time at the All-American Series. Not only did he save so many goals, he also assisted his team in scoring 3 goals. After displaying his skills with his assigned team, Alexander was selected for the first-team, where he had the opportunity to play in the “All-Star” Game. Coach Roman told us about Alex and his skills during the College Station by saying this, “Alexander is an exceptional athlete, he is almost unbeatable on the 1v1 situations and his reflexes are feline-like. He is a complete GK.”

Alexander shared this when we asked him about his time in College Station, “It was a great experience and a great opportunity to see and compete against players from across the nation.” – Alexander’s father told us his thoughts on the event by saying, “I believe the unique format of the All-American series forces the players into an environment in which communication and teamwork are crucial for success. Emphasized even more in the Goalkeeper position.”

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